Our Curriculum

Little Ones Eduworld 5 Ex-Learning Strategies.

Our success secret lies with the 5 Ex-Learning Strategies that we employ throughout the day!

Children Explore and Experience the activities themselves with Explanations and Examples guided by their ‘Murabbi’ (Teachers) to instill Excellent habits.

The 3+ Age (4 years old group) will have to go through more of the Creativity activities to build up their confidence (self management activities for independency) and settle their Sensorial issues.

They are prepared more on the Tilawah Al Quran (4 slots per week) to facilitate the Hafazan Al Quran process. No Pendidikan Jawi for this age group as they are still progressing on the BM and English languages. Stories of the Prophets are narrated to them as part of the Moral lessons.

The 4+ Age (5 years old group) will still go through different sorts of Creative activities (drawing & painting, free play includes dramatic play and fine motor skills) gearing towards leadership development (the free play and drawing painting are very important for their self expressions).

Arabic language, Tilawah Al Quran, Pendidikan Jawi and Lessons on Islam are added as introductions for them.

The 5+ Age (6 years old group) has only 2 slots of Creative Activities as they are ready for more serious learning of Languages (communication skills include BM, English and Arabic), Maths & Science (for critical thinking) and the Islamic Quranic skills (for the Hafazan Al Quran).

Other main components of the Early Childhood Education are equally nurtured to the children.

They will go through the daily process of Hafazan Al Quran (Ablution, Solat and Hafazan Al Quran) with their respective teachers (small groups).

Not forgetting their Physical development, we have swimming lessons, Martial Arts and Water Play sessions at our premise.

The Maths & Science explorative activities are geared towards building up their critical thinking skills as future leaders.

They also have morning group Assembly, Reciting Doa Ruqyah, Zikrullah and Hafazan Al Quran preparing them for Allah’s guidance through out the day.

The evening congregational zohor prayers, small groups of Hafazan Al Quran and finally the wonderful Enriched Programme of Little Science Adventurer, Little Maths Explorer, Little Chef, Little Gardener and Little Creative Hands end up their joyful Daily Experience at Maahad Tahfiz Ismail Kindergarten!